HTML - The Basics - 1

First the structure of the document




These tags are necessary for all documents except frames and forms. For the moment, assume that all documents must have these tags.

Most of the information you want to have on your web pages will be put in between the <BODY> AND </BODY> tags.

So,let's get started.

  1. Open up your Text Editor - Notebook, Word or whatever you wish to use.
  2. Cut and paste, or type in the above structure for the document
  3. Type in something into the space in the tags. Why not type your company's name and a brief description of it's products. You can extend this space as you need to. It does not matter if there is extra space - the browser ignores it!
  4. Once you are happy with what you have put in, you are ready to SAVE your work.
  5. Click on 'File' ==> 'Save'
  6. You know about file extensions. It's the bit after the full stop in a file name eg. "Filename.doc". The .doc part is the file extension. Well, for html files, the file extension has to be .html. So, whatever name you give your file before you save it, make sure you also type in .html before you hit the save button. The first or root file or 'home page' of any website should be called 'index.html' or 'default.html'
  7. Call this first file 'index.html' and hit the save button

Viewing your work

You have now created your first webpage, so let's have a look at it.

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